Google Classroom Basics & Beyond

Module 1 Outline

1) Introduction:

This Module is designed as an independent course study for material on Google Classroom. The goal of this module is to familiarize the learner with the features and functions within Google Classroom. As you proceed, please read all instructions, watch any video material and check out all attachments for module information. Email the instructor ( with any questions on module content.

2) Resources:

a) Video on Creating a Google Classroom.

b) Video on tips and tricks that make GC more efficient for you

3) Learners will be able to:

a) Create a Google Classroom

i) Change the theme

ii) Invite students

iii) Invite guardians

b) Create an announcement in the stream

i) Attach a file from Drive

b) Create a topic

c) Create Material

i) Attach a YouTube video

ii) Attach a web link

d) Create an assignment

i) Add an attachment and make a copy for each student

ii) Add a topic for the assignment

iii) Add a due date

e) Create a question

i) Make a short answer question

ii) Make a multiple choice question

iii) Schedule it to be dropped on a future date

2) Reflection:

Learners will fill out a reflection form using Google Forms.

a) How comfortable do you feel about using Google Classroom?

b) What feature do you think you will use the most?

c) Do you feel this training prepared you to use Google Classroom?

d) What can I do to improve this module for future learners?

3) To Receive Credit:

To receive credit for this module, you will complete each assignment, including the reflection. Some ask you to take screenshots and attach them to the appropriate assignment, while others will be slightly more collaborative. Once you are finished with this module, you will receive 2 PD credits in Eduphoria.

a) Assignment 1: Attach a screenshot of the learner’s classroom page

i) Assignment #01 with Google Doc attached

ii) Short answer question

iii) Multiple-choice question

b) Assignment 2: Attach a screenshot of the learner’s people page

i) Shows one co-teacher (can be a teaching assistant, fellow content teacher, or a colleague of your choice)

ii) Shows at least one colleague as a student