Create a HyperDoc Using Google Docs

Module 3 Outline

1) Introduction:

This Module is designed as an independent course study for material on creating a HyperDoc using Google Docs. The goal of this module is to help you create a HyperDoc that you can use in your classroom. You will complete a scavenger hunt for Google Docs to help familiarize yourself with Docs. Then you will use that knowledge to create a HyperDoc. As you proceed, please read all instructions, watch any video material and check out all attachments for module information.

2) Resources:

a) Video tutorial on Google Docs

b) Video tutorial on creating a HyperDoc

c) Website containing links to HyperDoc templates

3) Learners will be able to:

a) Use various tools

i) Dictionary

ii) Comment

iii) Explore

iv) Comment

v) Cite

vi) Word count

b) Insert a table

c) Insert an image

d) Insert a drawing

e) Add a header and a footer

f) Link images to text, videos, and images

4) Collaboration:

Learners will post the link to their Slides presentation in the Lesson Share Padlet .

5) Reflection:

Learners will fill out a reflection form in Google Forms.

a) How comfortable do you feel about using Google Docs?

b) How comfortable are you with making your own HyperDoc?

b) What feature do you think you will use the most?

c) Do you feel this training prepared you to use Google Docs?

d) What can I do to improve this module for future learners?

6) To Receive Credit:

To receive credit for this module, you will complete each assignment, including the reflection. Be sure to include any attachments the assignments call for. Once you are finished with this module, you will receive 2 PD credits in Eduphoria.

a) Assignment 1- Complete the Google Docs Scavenger Hunt, then turn in.

b) Assignment 2-Create a HyperDoc using a learner-created lesson. Attach HyperDoc then turn in.

i) Include a table of 3 rows and 2 columns

ii) Include a video

iii) Include a link to a website

iv) Include a space for short answer response