Google Sites

Module 5 Outline

1. Introduction:

This Module is designed as an independent course study for material on Google Sites. The goal of this module is to help you create an e-portfolio or a classroom website that can use to communicate with your students, their parents, and the community. As you proceed, please read all instructions, watch any video material and check out all attachments for module information. Email the instructor ( with any questions on module content.

2. Resources

a. Video on Creating a Google Site

b. Link to Google Resources and Tips website.

c. Tutorial video on Changing the theme

d. Tutorial video on inserting a doc and a slides presentation

e. Link to my “About Me” page-for use as an example

3. Learners will be able to:

a. Create a Google Site

b. Add a page

c. Change the theme

d. Insert a video

e. Insert a picture

f. Insert text

g. Publish the Google Site

4. Reflection:

Learners will answer questions verbally using Flipgrid

a. What was your favorite part of this module?

b. How will using your Google Site benefit you and your students?

c. How would using Google Sites as an eportfolio platform benefit your students?

5. To Receive Credit: To receive credit for this module, you will complete each assignment, including the reflection. You will add the page links to the appropriate assignment. Once you are finished with this module, you will receive 2 PD credits in Eduphoria.

a. Assignment 1- Attach the link to the About Me page to the assignment.

i. Should include a Homepage

ii. A growth mindset quote

iii. A picture relating to the growth mindset quote

iv. Should include and About Me Page

1. A text box with information about the learner

2. A picture of the learner

3. A picture related to the information about the learner

b. Assignment 2-Attach the link to the Digital Lessons page to the assignment

i. Learner-created Google slides presentation inserted

ii. Learner-created HyperDoc inserted

iii. Learner-created Google Form quiz

iv. Learner-created Google From SEL check-in

v. A video inserted

vi. The background of each section should be different