Google Slides Basics

Module 2 Outline

1) Introduction:

This Module is designed as an independent course study for material on Google Slides. The goal of this module is to familiarize you with the features and functions within Google Slides, so you can create your own Slides presentation that you can use to present material or assign to students for self-paced work. As you proceed, please read all instructions, watch any video material, and check out all attachments for module information. Email the instructor ( with any questions on module content.

2) Resources:

Google Slides Task Deck—includes video tutorials on each slide .

3) Learners will be able to:

a) Insert word art

b) Insert a text box and a shape

c) Change the background

d) Search for an image, insert it, and add a border

e) Insert a video

f) Use the explore tool

g) Use the comment feature

h) Insert a link

4) Reflection:

Learners will create posts on the Padlet provided. Learners will post under each question.

a) Insert an image or meme that reflects how comfortable you are with using Google Slides.

b) How will you use your Google Slides Presentation?

c) What else would you like to learn how to do in Google Slides?

d) What can I do to improve this Module?

5) Collaboration:

Learners will post the link to their Slides presentation in the Lesson Share Padlet.

6) To Receive Credit:

To receive credit for this module, you will complete each assignment, including the reflection. Be sure to include any attachments the assignment calls for. Once you are finished with this module, you will receive 2 PD credits in Eduphoria.

a) Assignment 1- Complete the task deck assignment

b) Assignment 2- Create a slide presentation using a learner-created lesson.

i) Must be at least 6 slides

ii) Must include an introductory slide

iii) Must include text

iv) Must include an image

v) Must include a video

vi) Must include a link to an activity

vii) At least one slide must have a different background